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Service Benefits

Using our proprietary technical systems and trading experience you can earn profits averaging over 25% per year by selling credit spreads on Weekly Options.  We offer both a Weekly Plan and a Monthly Plan and a discount if you subscribe to both plans. 

Detailed instructions for entering and exiting trades will be posted on our web site members area and you are alerted when new positions are posted.  New trade positions are issued every Monday Morning.  You do not need to monitor your trades during the trading week.


We sell Credit Spreads on Options offered on a select group of stocks or Index funds with the Weekly Plan and the Monthly Plan. The “credit” spreads are high probability (of success) and high premium designed to achieve profits on a weekly basis.  The major difference between the two plans is the time horizon and the level of safety.  The Weekly Plan enters options that expire in one or two weeks.  The Monthly Plan enters options that expire in four weeks. The Monthly Plan offers a safer yet decent return strategy for those more risk adverse.   By following both plans you can achieve a balanced program in terms of safety and average return for your invested capital.

Every Monday at the beginning of each trading week we issue an alert for a credit spread trade for the Weekly Plan and a credit spread trade for the Monthly Plan.  All trades are to be placed as limit orders.  Since trades are entered as limit orders some may not get filled.  But typically you will be entering one trade each week under each plan.

As with any trading system there will be losses.  However our system is characterized by a low percentage of losing trades due to the inherent design of the Plans and due to the guidance we provide should adjustments need to be made to open positions.  Also included with the service is a set of money management and guiding rules to reduce the impact of loosing trades.

Our trading strategy is characterized by a low percentage of losing trades due to either the inherent design of our Weekly Plan or due to the adjustments we use to defend prior Monthly positions and the high premiums we capture going into new Monthly positions.