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1. No Investment Advice. All users and/or subscribers ("Clients" or "you") of this website acknowledge and agree that the information posted and offered on such website is for educational purposes only, including but not limited to education about options and education about our proprietary options trading strategies, and is not to be construed as financial or investment advice of any kind. Such information represents only statements of opinion, statements of trades conducted in our own accounts or under consideration for trading in our own accounts, and information and analyses that we ourselves have considered in determining our own trading activities. Such information and opinions are subject to change without notice. All Clients are strongly cautioned not to rely on any information or opinion posted on this website but to conduct their own research relevant to their own market and trading decisions and to verify any and all facts from independent sources. Clients agree that neither this website nor Condor Profits, LLC, nor any of its members, managers, officers, employees, or agents (collectively, "We") may be held liable or responsible in any way for any loss or damage whatsoever, including without limitation any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages (including without limitation any damages for loss of profits, loss of goodwill, loss of use, loss of data, or any other intangible loss) or any fees (including attorney fees) or expenses of any kind that directly or indirectly may result from any Client's use or reliance upon any advice, opinion, information, representation, or omission, whether negligent or otherwise, contained in any information or opinion promulgated on this website or by any other means in connection with any subscription.

2. High Risk of Loss. Options trading transactions carry a high risk of loss and are subject to a significant number of variables that impact each trade and the price and/or availability of any given option. Previous performance, or accounts or statements of previous performance, is no guarantee of any future success. The high level of leverage in some option transactions carries unique levels of risk that may not be suitable to all investors. Before deciding to engage in an option-trading transaction, you should carefully consider his or her investment objectives, level of investment experience, risk appetite, and ability to absorb potential losses. If you are unsure or unfamiliar with the risks involved, we strongly urge you to seek professional advice from an independent financial advisor.

3. No Warranty or Guarantee. Each Client acknowledges and agrees that we cannot and do not provide any guarantee or warranty of any kind with respect to any Client's trading activities. We expressly disclaim any and all warranties that may be applicable to providing services, information, and opinions set forth on this website or in connection with any subscription, including any warranty of merchantability, suitability, or of fitness for any particular purpose. Though we make every reasonable effort not to publish any information or opinion that we know to be false at the time published, we do not guarantee the truth or accuracy of any information or opinion posted on this website or promulgated in any way in connection with any subscription. All services, information, and opinions set forth herein are presented on an "as-is" and "as-available" basis. Each Client acknowledges and agrees that his or her use of any such information or opinions is entirely at the discretion of that Client, and each Client assumes all risk associated with the use of such services, information, and opinions.

4. Use of Credit Spreads Required. Our proprietary trading strategies involve the use of credit spreads. You must be approved by your broker to trade credit spreads. The use and understanding of credit spreads generally requires several years of experience in options trading. If you are unable to utilize such a service with your broker, you should not subscribe to this website or its available services. You should consult with your broker or other independent financial advisor regarding the use of credit spreads.

5. Testimonials. Testimonials listed or posted on the website, if any, are unsolicited and cannot be used as any indication of future performance. Certain trades and accounts may perform better or worse than any testimonial may indicate or imply, and conditions regarding any trade or account are subject to change after any testimonial is posted. Testimonials are not tracked to reflect any changes after such testimonial is offered or posted.

6. Service Interruptions. Clients acknowledge and agree that We may not be held responsible or liable for service interruptions caused or created by poor or no Internet connection or service, hardware or software failures, network or server delays, or any other communication difficulties.

7. Hypothetical Results Are Not Actual Results. Hypothetical trading results are subject to inherent limitations and do not reflect actual performance of any trade, transaction, or account. Hypothetical trading scenarios often are prepared with the benefit of hindsight and further do not involve any financial risk. No Client may rely on any hypothetical trade result to indicate any actual or future performance.

8. Low Risk-High Risk. For ourselves, we operate under the principle that the lower the probability of experiencing an adverse result, the higher the risk that when an adverse result takes place, the magnitude of that adverse result will be great. In order to fully understand the information and opinions presented on this website, Clients should understand our philosophy that while we believe the probability that we will experience a losing option trade is relatively low, for that reason we also are prepared to experience a large loss in the event that we do experience such a losing transaction.

9. Modification of Services. Any service, information, or opinion offered on this website or otherwise promulgated by any means in connection with any subscription is subject to temporary or permanent modification or termination, in whole or in part, with no prior notice.

10. No Third Parties. The services, information, and opinions set forth in this website or otherwise promulgated by any means with respect to any subscription is intended for the sole use and information of the Client and not for any third party. No third party may use or rely upon any such service, information, or opinion under any circumstances.

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12. No Refunds. All payments tendered by any Client to us are considered to be fully earned upon receipt. We do not refund any portion of any payment tendered to us by any subscriber. Any cancellation of a subscription is effective immediately.

13. Venue. Any dispute arising from any Client's use of this website or any services, information, or opinions offered therein are to be brought and heard exclusively in the courts of the State of Texas sitting in Harris County, Texas.

14. Right to Refuse Service. We reserve the right to refuse any service or subscription to any person or entity for any reason or no reason.

15. Right to Modify. We reserve the right to modify this agreement, disclaimer, and risk disclosure at any time without notice. We reserve the right to modify the subscription fee at any time without advance notice.


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